CUUPs Facilitator

Otsana been a practicing pagan and witch for most of her life. She is an ordained minister and holds a BA in counseling psychology as well as a master’s in social work. She is currently working towards a DD (Doctor of Divinity) with a concurrent PHD in spiritual counseling. She is also a Priestess with the Correllian Tradition of Wicca and with The Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom.


Director of All Things Percussion

Karl, the drum guy, is a builder and player of drums. His magickal path has German roots, Viking ways, and a desire to always root for the underdog.


Events Coordinator & Fiber Magician

Opal Luna is a crone priestess of Minerva and fiber magickian. She began down the path of the Strega and quickly created her own. She is the author of the book Fiber magick which outlines the spirituality involved in making things with your hands.


Events Coordinator and Kitchen Witch

Genevieve Dillon is a kitchen witch from Oregon and an Initiate of Sea Star Coven in the Blue Star Tradition. She enjoys cycling, travel, home brewing, fishing and shenanigans in general. Be the change!


Web Wizardess and Messenger

Birch Von Baum is a long-time practitioner of Earth-based magicks drawn from the Germanic and Celtic traditions. She is also a published poet and has written holiday-themed plays and rituals performed at CUUPs.


Producer, Support, & Brainstorming

Peter Brown has been attending Moonpath CUUPS since 2017. With a professional background in education, he enjoys the research and history involved in exploring the myriad of faiths and path presented at our meetings and rituals.


Techno Viking - Cyber Bard

An eclectic practitioner for several years, Wren considers himself forever a student and voracious consumer of knowledge, always trying to learn new things. He has a background in video production and Photography, as well as a penchant for kitchen witchery. He handles the production side of CUUPs, helping them with any video production and the YouTube page, as well as occasionally playing the part of DJ. You'll likely spot him in the wild weaving his bardic tales with a camera or in the kitchen, baking up a spell or two.

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