Beltane Ritual

Coming up on Saturday, May 1st via our Zoom Room. Sign up for e-mail updates in order to get the Zoom Link, or contact us at our Meetup Group,

Upcoming Classes

April 15th

"Ritual for the Health of the Oceans" with Opal Luna

April 22nd

Beltane Prep with Iasis

April 29th

Celebrating "Walpurgisnacht" with Birch

May 6th

Introduction to Healing Magick with Chris

Our Year and a Day Program and Classes

Those who participate in our Year and a Day Program will learn about an eclectic variety of pagan paths, pantheons and practices, in keeping with our Moonpath CUUPS philosophy of embracing many expressions of Pagan faith. Participants are required to attend 75% of classes and rituals in order to complete the program and receive a card and optional dedication.

February Classes
  • Imbolc Ritual with Birch and Baldur - 2/1
  • Besoms with Alba 2/11
  • The Egyptian God Anubis with Birch - 2/18
  • The Roman Goddess Minera with Alba - 2/25
March Classes
  • History of Ostara with Liz - 3/4
  • Ostara Ritual with Liz - 3/6
  • Plant and Animal Spirit Guides with Birch - 3/25
April Classes
  • Protection and Shielding with Otsana - 4/1
  • Plant and Animal Totems with Birch - 4/8
  • History of Beltane with Iasis - 4/22
May Classes 
  • Beltane Ritual with Iasis - 5/1
  • Intro to Healing Magick with Chris - 5/6
  • Amulets with Otsana - 5/13
  • Intro to Shamanism with Dayan - 5/20
  • Intro to Druid Path with Brunn - 5/27
June Classes
  • Hurricane Protection Ritual with Alba - 6/3
  • Tools of the Witch with Otsana - 6/10
  • The Fae and the Fairy Realm with Liz - 6/24
July Classes
  • Altars with Otsana - 7/1
  • Intro to British Traditional Wicca with Gen - 7/15
  • History of Lammas with Chris - 7/22
  • Shamanic Journeying with Dayan - 7/29
  • Lammas Ritual with Chris - 7/31
August Classes
  • The Sun with Otsana - 8/12
  • Divination with Alba - 8/19
September Classes
  • Introduction to Hoodoo 1 with Dragnfli - 9/9
  • History of Mabon and Pagan Pride with Dayan - 9/16
  • Mabon and Pagan Pride Ritual with Dayan - 9/19
October Classes
  • The Elements with Otsana - 10/7
  • Introduction to Crone Magick with Alba - 10/14
  • History of Samhain
  • Samhain Ritual
November Classes
  • Fiber Magick with Alba - 11/4
  • A Look at the Goddess Bast with Otsana - 11/11
December Classes
  • Krampusnacht with Birch - 12/2
  • Intro to Hoodoo 2 with Dragnfli - 12/9
  • History of Yule with Karl - 12/16
  • Yule Ritual with Karl - 12/18
  • Intro to Germanic Traditions with Brunn - 12/23
  • Modern Norse Heathenry with Brunn - 12/30
Stay Tuned for More Classes and Events coming in 2022!


Dollar Bills


Become a Patron of the Ritual

Taking the lead at a CUUPS ritual is a great honor. It can also be quite an expense. If you are willing and able become a Patron of the Ritual. Give a one-time donation to leadership earmarked for this purpose . Patrons will be acknowledged on the website as well as at the end of the ritual. 

We want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of our Ritual Patrons who made our Witches Ball possible with beautiful decorations that were out of this world. 

If you want to contribue to future rituals, you may give your donation to Suzette, Birch, or Alba. Blessed be and may it return to you threefold.

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