Dancing to Different Beats of the Sacred Drum

Welcome to Moonpath CUUPs. Our host congregation is the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Lauderdale. We meet each week to learn about a myriad of pagan topics. We use the word pagan to describe this group because it is inclusive and we are open to followers of many spiritual paths. We also hold eight public rituals each year plus a New Year's Ritual each December.


A Distinct Identity

We are open to the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Lauderdale, our Host Congregation, and we encourage participants to support both groups.

We prescribe no One Way; we encourage self-exploration and searching. We practice our individual traditions and we teach. 

Nor have we a strict hierarchy. We are led by a leadership team and they are as first among equals in teaching and guiding us along our own unique spiritual pathways. However, while we encourage everyone to explore their chosen path, we do urge that you take some time to look at our Ordains, below, and learn more about how we operate around here.

In order to remain a CUUPS Chapter, at least three of our members must be both members of Continental CUUPS and our Host Congregation.


Our gathering began as a women's group started around 1985 by Noralee Traylor. Occasionally a male would flit in and the flit out. When Nora Lee heard about national CUUPS forming in 1987, she selected the name MoonPath and joined them as a local CUUPS Chapter. She chose this name from a one hundred year old book from which she also took the description on the home page, which we recite to open every meeting. She held rituals and educational sessions and brought in guest HPSs from the local Pagan community such as Lady Demeter. She continued to lead MoonPath CUUPS until 1995 when she passed that role on to Spelcastor who led CUUPS until 2014, when Wyver and Moonday took up the leadership position and CUUPs continued to grow. When they moved on the position was transferred to Otsana and the leadership team. As the leadership team we continue to find new ways to innovate and grow with the South Florida pagan community.


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Rules we share

These Ordains contain the full rules and responsibilities of our members and participants.